About us

Materflex is a company that offers the best self-adhesive solutions to meet the industrial market needs.

With more than 30 years in this market, we develop and produce custom designed solutions for our clients.

Our products range from tapes for the automotive industry, to double sided tape, double sided tape for flexography, surface protection, and different packaging supplies, among others. Within our vast product offer, we have a self-adhesive solution to every stage of the manufacturing process.

At Materflex, quality isn’t a slogan, it’s the product of our continued daily efforts. That is why we wre among the first companies in the industry to be ISO 9001 certifified. Today, we continue to follow that path.


Mision: Provide the market with excellent quality adhesive tapes, offering a great variety of products and personalized service.

Vision: To be a leading organization in industrial adhesive solutions, committed to our clients and community.

Quality Policy

MATERFLEX’S Board of Directors has established the following Quality Policy for its activities in: “Design, Trading and Technical Assistance of Adhesive Tapes”:

  • Meet client’s requirements, needs and expectations.
  • Understand client’s current and future needs and expectations.
  • Promote a collaborative environment within the organization as a whole, supporting both knowledge and experience sharing.
  • Encourage continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Enable people with the necessary resources, knowledge and authority to reach the objectives that were set.
  • Build and foster mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers as well as other key stakeholders.

This Policy is periodically revised to ensure alignment with the purpose and context of the organization.

The Board of Directors is committed to providing the necessary resources for this Quality Policy to be understood, implemented and supported by all employees.

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